Clown trio ”Klavy” is a bright female clown trio from Saint Petersburg specializing in pantomime. The trio has performed all over the world: England, USA, Canada, Brazil, New Caledonia, Korea, China, Israel, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland. The artists have participated in TV programs such as “Bolshaya stirka” (“Big Laundry”), “Chto khochet zhenshina” (“What Woman Wants”), parody festival “Bolshaya raznitsa” (“Big Difference”) in Odessa, “Comedy Woman”, “Smeyatsya razreshayetsya” (“Laugh is allowed”). They are also the winners of Yalta festival “Humour Cap”.


Before creating their own artistic band the girls graduated from “Litsedei-Lyceum” school and had successful theatrical performing careers. 10 years of unique learning methods, world road tours, and meeting interesting people has done its part: the young actresses felt a strong desire to start their own project. 


The idea of forming their own group came to reality on January 1, 2010. A trio called Plastic Ladies was born. The first independent performance tour of the young team has brought the girls to Austrian female clownery festival “Clownin”. Plastic Ladies have presented an interactive show called The Daughters of

Mendelssohn that has received very enthusiastic and positive reviews. After the inspiring startup, the band took a freewheeling existence, developing and improving their skills, creating new ideas, and establishing new professional connections. 


During their touring, the theatre audience was often calling the artists Klavas (Our Klavas have come down!), remembering their hit show that celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2012. That’s why the girls have eventually decided to change their company name from “Plastic Ladies” to “Klavas”. On November 7, 2013, the new name has become official. The girls like the fact that the name Klava (a nickname for Claudia in Russian) is international and well-understood around the World. That resonates well with the main principle of their art: breaking all language barriers by talking to the audience in the language of body and movements.


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